Procurement Annual Report 2017-18

Annual Procurement Report publication, which allows us to record and publicise our performance and achievements in delivering its procurement strategy.

The Procurement Reform Act requires   HES publish a Procurement Annual Report every financial year to show a summary of the regulated procurements completed during the reporting period.  The aim is to demonstrate transparency in our approach to public procurements and highlight the procurement activity during the course of the year.  

A contract is regulated procurement if the estimated value of the contract is equal to or greater than the contract threshold of £50,000, unless it is a works contract in which case the threshold is £2,000,000. A regulated procurement starts from the point of seeking offers, includes the selection of economic operators and all other steps in the process continuing through to the award of the contract.

Front cover of the procurement annual report 2017-18

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Procurement Annual Report 2017-18

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